now…go home. put on cut-offs. go to a car show.

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If anyone would like to know the source of any of the posts on this blog….just ask….

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What’s up with asshole’s like this? An entire blog built on peoples stolen scans and posts, not a credit or reblog in sight. I seek out magazines and books everywhere I can, buy them, scan them and edit them for post here. It’s a pretty silly hobby yes, but I’d still like some damn credit ya know? ANYWAYS thanks for letting me vent tumblr friends.

Yup…pretty much. One of many my friend. 

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somecatsjustswinglikethat said: Hello, are many of these pictures your own work?

some of my first postings. the rest have been old tv adverts, screen shots, and as of recent, many scans from many childhood magazines I recently found. 

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Anonymous said: i imagine your blog smelling like a used bookstore or a musty record store. i love it so much. best blog ever. you da man.

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radicalhenry said: Hey just wanted to say I love your blog. Keep up the awesome images!!

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