videcormevm said: The OMNI magazine images take me back to my childhood. Oh, how I long for the days of trippy airbrushed art and short stories delivered monthly. Thanks for posting!

Ahhhhhhh…you said it. The smell of the pages alone transports me. Thanks for following!

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wajv said: you post some really nice art :)

Thanks…you post some real tasty fruit.

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garrettlockhart said: Hello there. I was wondering if you would make a video for me! I started up a music project called Patchwork, and would love a video for my song Cigarettes to come out when the ep does. You can listen here: patchwork music[.]bandcamp[.]com

Nice! Publishing this so others may listen. Message me @ behindthewalkin@gmail

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nubelud said: you have one of the coolest blogs ever, thank you for sharing these pictures!

Thank YOU!! I’m a lil older than most…so it’s been fun revisiting visuals of my past.

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Sidewalk Of The City - Syd Dale & His Orchestra
Safari Strut - Whitefield Brothers
Douceur Tropicale - Michel Lorin et son ensemble
Madrid - Collage
Perdido - Gene Krupa
Primitive Spirit - Raymond Guiot & Guy Pedersen
Slowrama - Pierre-Alain Dahan
Hashish Party - Georges Garvarentz
Maïlys - Cortex
Mah na mah na - Piero Umiliani

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